Last Chaos (Online)

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Last Chaos

Last Chaos takes place on the imaginary continent of Iris, where a bitter war is being waged. Players will embark on action-packed adventures and become powerful inhabitants of this incredible world. Aspiring heroes will be able to choose from a total of nine different character classes. Ride into battle as a Titan specializing in close combat, a noble Knight, or a cunning Rogue and vanquish your enemies as a powerful Mage, an elven Healer, or a dark Sorcerer. Choose one of two unique classes — Nightshadow or EX-Rogue.

What does the MMORPG Last Chaos have to offer?A vast community with millions of playersDetailed western-style 3D graphicsIndividual character development with 9 different character classesPrivate instance systemPvE and PvP gameplayComprehensive guild supportUnique item production and trading systemPet systemImmersive fantasy worldFree to play!

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